26 events: Madrid, Lisbon, New York, San Francisco, Guangzhou, Xian, Moscow, Kiev, Bucharest, Budapest, Bratislava, Prague, Munich, Zürich, Monaco, Andorra, Barcelona, ... a total of 80 days including transport time - the first and only one in the world. 

1.000.000 followers, hundred of thousands video views, tenthousands of likes, thousands of press reports, hundreds of interviews, ... the world record breaking electric car rallye: 80edays. 

2012 - 2016 - 2020, every 4 years it is repeated to show the world that electric cars are already this reliable to make 27.500km trips.

It's time to change our mind now - for our children.

80 day race

The famous around the world electric car endurance competition. 26 major city events - 20 teams - racing emission free for a better future


Business opportunities from energy selling till IT security based charge station management services.


Charge point reservation, monitoring and management, payment services incl. roaming, product development.

Our mission

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